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Welcome and thank you for visiting us

I have been researching and finding family roots now for over 20 years and have always tried to help the family understand and get involved. Not just with researching family names, our ancestors but by family history research to add "flesh to the bones" - finding out more about them - where they lived and the jobs they did.

With the uptake of the internet, we added our family tree information to various Family Tree ancestry sites (as we all do!) but later found that these sites owned all information I had uploaded to their servers AND we could not remove them!

Not happy with that, we looked else where to find somewhere where our private and sensitive family information was safe & secure. After research, we found the only option was to publish our own website.

We launched our own family site to publish our family history roots for all to see. It was a hard slog to find the information - choose a hosting company, setup domains and finally to get the correct web application / script to publish our family roots AND to understand HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, etc....What a headache!

After further running advanced websites, using up to date secure web applications, we got asked by numerous friends and family to have their own websites to share with their families and friends. This grew to such an extent that we had to purchase a part share in a server - latley we have purchased 2 servers to meet the growing requirements.

We have the latest and best servers and the very best of the web applications out there today. We are proud to back all this up with personal support to help you all the way - to vitually hold your hand to get your website up and running.

My youngest son Jonathan, (website designer & programmer) has also expressed his liking to genealogy and combined with our knowledge of web skills and genealogy we produced Family History Hosting.  

 Reliable, Simple, Safe and Secure Genealogy Web Hosting

Why host your family history genealogy website with us?

We are experienced family historians and enjoy every aspects of the hobby (frustrating as it is sometimes!).

We are a fantastic first class choice for family historians and genealogists wanting to own their own data and to share it (sometimes privately) to their family any where in the world. We know exactly what is required and how to help you get all your information online so you can research at any time and from anywhere.

All the information is YOURS. You can have none, some parts or all of your family information publicly available - your choice! You can add media (photo's, video's, Podasts, music), content (editorial, blogs) in fact many things to enrich your website.

We make all of our hosting packages simple and pruned for family history genealogy. 

Personal Support to help you all the way 


About Hallam Family

Hallam Family history and Genealogy Web Site, for everything Hallam. The historical origins and meaning of the Hallam name. Ancillary surnames include Moon, wilde, webster, winfield, woolley, Crowder, Robinson, Wilson, Harris, Donnelly, Bradley, Holling, Wright.

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